Provider Link

Provider Link creates an easy, secure link with facilities and physicians.

This online tool allows physicians and their staff to have secure online access to real-time information about the patients they’ve referred to Elevate Home Health, building stronger referral relationships. Physicians can approve or decline orders from their computer with their secure electronic signature. Even more important, they can request alerts to changes in a patient’s condition on a patient-by-patient or visit-by-visit basis.

What Provider Link Provides:

  • Allows doctors to view their patients’ vital stats and charts, schedules, diagnoses, medications, open and approved orders, wound histories and outcomes.
  • Provides doctors a tool to view a patient’s entire episode of care with complete details of the patient’s progress.
  • Gives doctors control over the types of alerts they wish to receive regarding changes to a patients’ status.
  • Can accommodate custom-defined networks to allow access to a patient’s data by any doctor within the network for round-the-clock care.
  • Includes a built-in billing report summary identifying eligible claims and showing what can be billed by the corresponding billing code number.
  • Creates a secure and confidential HIPAA-compliant environment that is so simple to use, even tech-wary users can see its utility.
  • Improves your agency’s compliance by making it easy for physicians to certify and re-certify homebound status and care, even including physician comments about their face-to-face patient visits.
  • Offers facilities and discharge administrators a secure conduit for sending new patients your way.


ProviderLink requires a unique individual login.

For questions on how to access ProviderLink, or if you need assistance with your login information, please contact your Elevate Home Health Account Executive.