What Our Patients Are Saying About Elevate  

"On behalf of myself and our entire family, we would like to thank you and your team for the excellent care that was recently given to my mother, Ruby H. Your quick response and quality care was outstanding. I would like to send a Letter of Recommendation to you and your two caregivers. Our day person named Helen was outstanding, along with our weekend caregiver Veronica. Both went beyond the call of duty. All needs were met and attended too at any given time. You are very lucky to have them both. They made the transition from hospital to home care an easy one. I feel with their help my mother was able to make a speedy recovery." 
 - Carolyn E., Family Member of Patient 

"For the past number of months, we've been gratefully receiving the help of Elevate Home Health for our 99 year old father who was living independently until he became gravely ill. We honestly don't know how we would have managed without the help of this wonderful agency, especially since my sister and I live out of town, which makes it more challenging for everyone. This has not been an easy case, but our father's wish is to stay in his home and Elevate Home Health has made that possible."

"Our dad requires 24 hour care, 7 days a week, so multiple caregivers are needed for rotation. Stephanie, our Personal Care Manager, has worked diligently to make sure we always have coverage. We have complete confidence in the abilities of Elevate Home Health's staff, especially because Stephanie is very "hands on", caring and involved, checking personally as often as needed, to be sure our father feels safe and happy with his caregivers, and to put our minds at ease. She has lived up to her philosophy that she won't just put any "warm body" in the home, it has to be the right caregiver with heart. Our caregivers are caring people, for which we're very grateful. When our dad had to be hospitalized, we had caregivers staying in the hospital day and night with him when we couldn't be there. A month ago we made the decision to switch his home health care to Elevate Home Health, in addition to his personal care. We haven't regretted that decision. The nurses and therapists have worked together to help our dad regain his strength and well being. They also give dedicated attention and help to meet his needs for medical attention, supplies, etc., and they keep us completely informed in every way."
 - Darlene, Family Member of Patient 

“After several patients, I am so impressed with the quality of patient care and customer service, I am switching all my patients over to Elevate Home Health”.
 - PHYSICIAN Dr. Leo Garcia, St. Jude Medical Center Internal Medicine 

"I am so grateful to my doctor who referred me to Focus Home Health in Fresno. Their physical therapists helped me with understanding, creativity and definitely with patience, which is of the utmost importance for an old guy like me."
 - Ivan W., Previous Patient 

"I think that Tom P. was able to shed a new light on things by working with my husband. My husband's been able to stand up and stand taller, which is a new dimension to what others have been able to do with him over the last couple of years. Tom is personable and understands my husbands situation very well. We're not expecting great strides, but small improvements have been made and are continuing."
 - Helen R., Wife of Patient 

"All of your representatives are very, very good, but my singing nurse, Gary (LVN), he's my partner. He sang for me one time. He's a very nice guy! I've always heard that the way you start a conversation is how the conversation will go and your people are so pleasant and courteous. If I ask a question, they will always answer in detail, and not just a brief answer. They make sure I understand."
 - John S., Previous Patient 

"Lori W., PTA, explained things very well, why I was doing what I was doing, and answered my questions. She would listen to me, very in tuned to what I was saying and would repeat back to me in a way that I knew she understood. She helped me a lot. In fact, when I went in for my 2-week post op appointment, the doctor said that with the mobility that I had, it was actually like I was at 6 weeks post op! I enjoyed working with her very much. If I ever had to come back for services, I would ask for her."
 - Linda L., Previous Patient 

"After 2 years of treatment (including 1 year in and out of hospital), by a variety of RNs, Focus Home Health in San Jose was contacted to provide home wound care. My experience with staff member, Kayla P, was exceptional. She provided extra care and rigorous procedures, which I am sure, have contributed significantly to the healing of my wounds. In summary, I would say that the Focus Home Health practices and procedures are excellent. These procedures, which are highly beneficial to patients, should be encouraged and continued."
 - Ed H., Previous Patient 

"I want to thank Choice Home Health for the wonderful care they have given me! Right from my first day home from a local skilled nursing facility, I was taken such great care of. From Carla, my RN, to Dara-PT, Georgette-OT, Melissa RN and Jose-PT. Genuine concern so that I was able to progress at a very rewarding pace. I commend you for hiring such fantastic people and I will be very happy to be a fan of your company and to spread the word to anyone."
 - Gayle S., Previous Patient

"Our family can’t say enough about Home Care Services, Inc. When our mother was hospitalized and returned home she needed some specialized care that we couldn’t provide. She needed nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy and Home Care Services was there to provide these services. Not only did they help our mom, but they helped our family too, in answering questions and providing us a network of support. The staff was very professional, timely and caring. Mom tells everyone that she could see the love in their eyes when they came through the door! They were a “rock in a storm” and we recommend them very highly." 
 - The A. Family

"I have used the services of Elevate Personal Care for at least 1 year now for my mother who is 82 years of age. We have had such a good experience with their services. Many times I have had to call them at the last minute to ask if they could send someone out over the weekend, and they always do a great job with helping me find a good caregiver for my mother. I've also been very pleased with their billing procedures, as they are always very cooperative and understanding with providing me monthly billing statements which I require for my mother's home health care insurance company. I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking for a caregiver for their loved one."
 - Paul S, Family Member of Patient